The November Cash Giveaway continues on KICKS 105 with a guaranteed payout of $50,000.  That includes two $1,000 winners every weekday in the month, plus KICKS VIP members are eligible to win an additional $10,000 cash prize on November 29th.

So...who are the winners so far?... 

November 1st              Sandy Herbst, Vicky Pellerin

November 4th              Dawn Purdue, Kristen Barrientos

November 5th              Betty Anne Morgenwick, Sandy Brown

November 6th              Dan Soderling, Leah May

November 7th              Brittany Schroader, Kari Brown

November 8th              Miranda Perry, Renee Preston

November 11th            Melissa Sullivan, Andreas Sanchez

November 12th            Melanie Melancon, Jana McClain

November 13th            Sinbad Bernal, Diane Pierce