How long does it take to clean my Oriental/ Area Rug?

It depends.. Some rugs we can do in about 3 days and  some take about 5 -7 days.

Each rug goes through a multi-step process that includes: Inspection, Dusting, Colorfast Testing, Cleaning, Drying, Cleaning the Fringe and a Final Groom for appearance.  All rugs are unique.  They all differ by construction, size, material, age and  pre-existing conditions.  Each of these traits of your rug influence what kind of cleaning procedures are necessary.  Some rugs take a full day just to remove the dry soil by dusting others take a few minutes.  Colorfast testing is left over night to insure the dyes in the rug are going to be stable with our synthetic cleaning chemical and water so your red and white in you rug does not become pink.  The washing process generally takes a half day some take all day in the bath.  Drying of your rug is completed by the next morning in our drying room with fans and a dehumidifier to accelerate the drying.  When we clean the fringe we let the rug hang over night again to make sure the fringe is 100% dry before doing a final groom and rolling the rug up for delivery or pickup.

My Oriental/Area rug is too big for me to bring to you.  Do you offer a pickup and delivery service?

Yes.  Please call in advance so we may arrange a time.

Can you remove the odors from my Oriental/Area rugs?

Most of the time the answer is yes!

Do you sell rug pad for Oriental/ Area rugs?

Yes!  I buy it on a 12′ x 60′ roll and I will custom cut your rug pad for your rug.

How can I protect my Oriental/ Area rug if I plan to store it?

The best thing you can do for it is to store it clean.  After cleaning your rug I can wrap it in waterproof breathable paper.  The best place for your rug while being stored is in a climate controlled environment where it can be looked in on from time to time to make sure it is free from water damage and or bug infestation.

Can you store my rug?

Yes,  you can leave it here if you would like.  I do however have to charge a storage fee.  The stroage fee helps you from forgetting your rug and it keeps us from having rugs from 10 years ago that the customer has long forgotten.

How long does it take to clean my carpets?

That of course depends on how many rooms need to be cleaned and how soiled the carpet is.  Once the technician has set up his equipment, it does not take very long. We have very  very best equipment available The more soiled the carpet is, the longer it takes to clean.  On average it takes about 1-1.5 hrs to clean 3 bedrooms a hall and a den.

What is the drying time?

Drying time depends on the humidity and air movement . On humid days the drying time is longer, also if we have had to use more water than usual due to soil or stains, the drying time is increased….but generally the drying time is 3-4 hours.  We leave ceiling fans going as fast as possible!  Increased air movement = faster evaporation (drying time).

Can I walk on my carpet before it dries?

Yes and no…You can walk on it if you are careful not to fall…and if you don’t make pathways…tracks that will detract from the cleaning. Generally it is not a good idea, although as long as your shoes are clean from loose soil it should be OK.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cleaning?

Vacuuming is always a good idea in any case, but not absolutely necessary, we will vacuum first. If you have children, you should pick up any toys or clothing that may be on the floor. If you have furniture you want moved, such as end tables, coffee tables, please remove personal items, items that could fall.