According to a report in the USA Today, law enforcement officials are trying to piece together the evidence from last night's drive by shootings in a California college town. 

Around 9:30 Friday night in the city of Isla Vista, near the campus of UC-Santa Barbara, witnesses reported gunfire coming from a black BMW.  The shootings lasted between 5-10 minutes as the shooter apparently took aim at random bystanders.   It's reported that the shooter is among the 7 killed.

Authorities are also looking into a YouTube video titled 'Elliot Rodgers Retribution' that was posted yesterday.  In this video, a man identifying himself as Elliot Rodgers promises revenge on the streets of Isla Vista for being spurned by women over the past 8 years.  Law enforcement are reviewing the video, but as of early Saturday morning, they had not confirmed Rodgers as the gunman.