It's nice to read a story that involves celebrities helping others. I know they're famous and super successful, but at the end of the day, they're just regular people, right?  

Read what Toby Keith did to help a little girl after the bump.

Toby Keith is well known for his charitable contributions to society, and the other night, he was at it again. Abigayle Fullenwider, a special needs 6-year-old, has Cerebral Palsy and she is confined to a wheelchair. She just had one dream: to meet the country star. Her mom, Rebecca Fullenwider, said the little girl would just giggle every time she would see Keith on TV, so her family hoped their daughter could cross paths with him one day.

Young Fullenwider’s grandmother, Cathy Sims, got in touch with WOAI TV in San Antonio, Texas in hopes that they could help, and station employee Kristina De Leon got in touch with Keith’s publicity person and helped arrange a meeting for the young girl and her family.

Fullenwider suffers from a startle reflex (a response to a sudden stimulus like a loud noise), so there was no way she could sit through a concert, but once Keith heard this he said he would meet them in the venue hall before the show.

via Toby Keith Makes a Dream Come True for One of His Youngest Fans - Taste of Country.