Somebody please call the Men in Black NOW!   It's obvious that we have an alien issue and they have resurrected 'Achy Breaky Heart'...and somehow, they have made it worse than the original! 

Billy Ray Cyrus has teamed up with rapper 'Buck 22' to offer up the sequel, hip-hop version of the monster hit from the early '90's.  If you think the remix is bad, just wait until you see the video.  Actually, we suggest you don't, especially with kids around.

The video features an alien group of very scantily clad female aliens dancing and 'twerking' to Achy Breaky.  No, Miley does not appear in the video, but she would fit right in with the subject matter. We aren't going to include the video itself on this post, but we will include the link so as to give you one more hurdle to jump through as a way of saying we warned you.