At the beginning of this year's spring training, it looked like the deck was pretty heavily stacked against the odds of Brandon Belt being on the San Francisco Giants opening day roster.

At least, that's what the 'experts' thought...

Belt didn't have what it took to be a regular starter in the Majors at either first base or left field, (at least not yet), and it would serve him better to get more playing time at the team's AAA affiliate in Fresno...according to those 'experts'.

There's something they forget to figure into the mix - Belt's determination, tenacity, and talent.

All Brandon did was to go out and hit nearly .390 in spring training, along with 3 homers and 9 RBI's.  Not only did Belt earn a spot on the opening day roster, but it looks like the 'Baby Giraffe' (his MLB acquired nickname) could very well have taken over the everyday starter position at first base.

Belt will still have to prove himself worthy of being a Major League mainstay for 162 games, since there is quite a gap between performing in the Cactus League and Big Leagues, but this year Belt is calmer, more confident, and hey, he's a Hudson Hornet...success is bound to come his way.

The Giants will open their regular season on the road Friday against Arizona.