We've seen them throughout the city intersections -- folks begging for money.

In the city of Lufkin, you can usually find someone asking for money at the South Loop and Business 59 intersection.

Ever wonder what might happen if you had two people begging on the same corner.  It did happen, and check out the Lufkin Police Department report after the jump to find out the end result.

Here's the word for word report from the City of Lufkin Police Department:

At around noon, officers responded to several reports of a disturbance in progress at the intersection of South First Street and South Medford Drive in which two solicitors were involved. Multiple witnesses reported varying degrees of an assault, but all reported that an older white male soliciting money for himself had knocked the collections can out of the hands of the younger male wearing a white suit reportedly soliciting money for a church. Investigation by officers on scene revealed that the older white male, later identified as 72 y.o. Dowell Evans of Lufkin (solicits money for himself) approached the younger male in the white suit, later identified as 21 y.o. Juan Tejeda-Ruvalcaba of Dallas (reportedly solicits money for his church) and he knocked the collections can out of Juan’s hands and into traffic. A citizen reported to officers that that was when he stopped and exited his truck to intervene and stated to officers that he was not going to allow him (Evans) to bully Juan. The citizen reported that Evans told him that he had been at this location first, and that Juan was “in his territory". Juan confirmed to officers that Evans had knocked the collections can out of his hands, but he did not want to pursue the matter further or press any charges. Due to the breach of the peace and the investigating officers opinion that the problem would continue, or possibly escalate, Evans was taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct and booked into the county jail for the Class C misdemeanor.