Last week, I finally got the chance to see the newest Disney release, 'Frozen', and I loved it.  There was a captivating plot, interesting characters, wonderful music, and it was just nice to see someplace else that was colder than East Texas. 

Idina Menzel voices the 'Snow Queen' character and she also sings the huge hit from the movie, 'Let it Go'.  As you would expect, numerous persons and groups have taken to social media and YouTube to offer up their own versions of that song.  One in particular has caught my attention.

Alex Boye does an Africanized Tribal Cover of the song which features the One Voice Children's Choir, but the one who steals the performance is an 11-year-old girl named Lexi Walker.  The Utah sensation sings the lead on the video and WOW!  I wouldn't be surprised to see her voicing a Disney character in the near future.

Tell us what you think of this version of 'Let it Go'