The 64th annual Angelina County Fair gets underway today at the George H Henderson Jr Expo Center in Lufkin.  There are a few changes this year, beginning first with the name, we've transitioned to the 'county fair' instead of the 'youth fair', although, calling it the youth fair is still fine.

A few differences this year include the presence of an on-site carnival, a change of the big auction from Friday to Saturday, and a BBQ cook off on Saturday.

Of course, the main staple hasn't changed and that is the kids.  Students from across area schools and 4-H and FFA groups that have been working hard through the past year all in preparation for baking, cooking, photography, arts and crafts, and showing animals.

Throughout the week, we'll be featuring youth fair participants around 7:10 a.m. on the Merrell in the Morning show.  A special thanks to our guests today, they are from L-R:  Weston Reynolds, Jennings Sanders, Jaycee McCaa, Taylor Franklin, and Carter Williams.


More details about the county fair are available here.  You can also click here to a look a the schedule of events for the week.