Members of the Angelina 4-H County Council dropped by the Merrell in the Morning Show today to talk about what's in store this week for the annual Angelina County Fair at the George H Henderson Jr Expo Center in Lufkin.  

Every day of 'County Fair Week' on KICKS 105, we feature area 4-Hers who are an integral part of the yearly event as well as those whose animals, exhibits, and/or desserts bring home awards. Today we featured Grace Marshall, Mikayla Young, Corinne Caraway, Jake Knight, Courtney Daniels and Ryan Merrel.  They talked about what competitions they'll be entering this week, but they also had a pleasant surprise as they presented Sean and me and KICKS 105 with a 'Friend of 4-H' plaque.


Take a listen to the morning show interview here.


The Angelina County Fair goes on from February 25th through March 1st.  About 1000 area students will take part, plus there'll be a BBQ cookoff and a carnival on the midway.  You can get a total rundown of the fair schedule here.  Of course, the most important event is the auction.  This is the time that area businesses and individuals chip in to buy the items, animals, and desserts that made the sale.

If you're not in a position to make a large bid or donation, you can always try the buyer's pool.  This is the option that many choose, since donations of $5, $10, $20 and more can certainly add up quickly and help pay off the hard work of many East Texas students.