According to a report in the Lufkin Daily News, The Angelina County Sheriffs Department is investigating an overnight double murder which took place at 147 Charlton Road in the Cedar Grove area just North of the Loop in Lufkin. 

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Police are looking for Kevin McKelvey, 39, who they believe is connected to the shooting death of his girlfriend, Teresa Hoyle, and her daughter Chashuanika Hoyle, who is believed to be in her early twenties.  According to the report, Hoyle's twin 9 year old daughters witnessed the shooting and were slightly injured by fragments while seated in the car in which their mom was killed.

Officers are asking the public to be on the lookout for McKelvey's vehicle which is a primer black 1994 Chevy single cab pickup.  If spotted, you should not approach McKelvey, but please do contact authorities at 634-3332.