The forecast for Saturday is partly sunny with a high of 70.  That's great news because the Angelina College Roadrunners are kicking off the baseball season with a double-header at home against San Jacinto.

Did you know that there has been a major rule change in college baseball this year?  It has now been mandated for safety reasons, that the bats used in college baseball do not have the same pop.  Head coach of AC baseball, Jeff Livins, explains:

Via AC News Service

“Everyone’s having to use these new bats this season, and those bats will change the entire complexion of the game,” Livin said. “The big bopper is really going to have to earn his dingers now. These bats are a lot more like wood, and it will make the game more like it was years ago.

“In fact, the power hitter is going to be negated in a lot of instances. You’re actually looking for more pure hitters in the game now, and you’ll see a lot more 5-3 games than some of those 10-8 games we’ve seen in the past. You’ll see teams executing a lot more hit-and-run situations, and a lot more teams trying to manufacture runs rather than looking for the big bomb.”

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