If we are to believe the advertisements put forward by the makers of Axe Body Spray for men, with just a couple of spritzes women will be unable to contain themselves.

So, what would happen if you spray a little more?  As you heard today on Merrell in the Morning's Tabloid News...how 'bout attracting men...with big axes!  According to a report in the Middletown Press, a student in the boys locker room put on such a cloud of Axe Body Spray that it set off the smoke alarms in the ceiling, prompting an automatic call to the local fire department.

After a thorough investigation by the firefighters (actually they just followed their nose), it was ruled an accidental activation of the fire alarm sensor by too much body spray.

No word on whether the young man was chased by women anytime thereafter....but I doubt it...none the less, here's how it's SUPPOSED  to work.