You read the headline correctly.

And believe it or not, it gets worse.  Please feel free to read on, but be cautioned that this gets rather graphic. 

According to a report in the DFW CBS local news, on Monday, December 16th, a motorist in Pelican Bay, Texas, near Fort Worth, was traveling down a busy street when she spotted something in the roadway.  Upon closer inspection, she discovered the 'something' was a baby crawling in the middle of the road.  The woman placed the baby in her car.  This 19-month-old baby had dead and live cockroaches on his body and there was feces on his face.

The motorist immediately took the baby to the police station.  About 30 minutes later, the mother of the baby, 23 year old Tiffany Jenkins walked into the police station to ask if anyone had found her baby.  She told authorities that she had been in the yard with her four children and didn't realize her 19 month old had not come inside the house when everyone else did.

Law enforcement officials and CPS workers went to Jenkin's house and upon seeing the conditions there removed the other 3 children (ages 9 weeks to 5 years) and placed them in the care of their grandparents.  The report goes on to say that officials had to shake cockroaches and maggots off their clothing once leaving the residence.