Ever wonder what it would be like to be behind the scenes at a "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" video shoot?  Well here ya go!

Newhall, California (CNN) -- Trace Adkins is having a diva moment.

"I'm feeling a little neglected, because my hairdresser's spending more time doing the puppet's hair than mine," grumbles the 6-foot-6 country star, his trademark mane tumbling halfway down his back. Then he breaks into a crooked grin.

The 49-year-old singer-actor is standing in the middle of a field at Golden Oak Ranch, just north of Los Angeles. His puppet double is 50 feet away, discreetly getting a make-over by the glam squad behind a big red barn. In just a few minutes, both Adkins and his two-foot doppelganger will step in front of the cameras to shoot the video for his latest single, "Brown Chicken Brown Cow," off his current album, "Cowboy's Back in Town."