I'm not one that considers myself a fashion expert...I mean, look at what I'm wearing - cargo shorts, untucked polo, and a ball cap.

But I think it's pretty cool when I go to events, from ball games to dinners, and see moms and daughters dressed to the hilt in the latest trendy fashions and bling, all the way down to the sandals.

And I thought I would pass along details about just the place to get these fashions...and get them for half price!! 

Gorgeous and Gaudy Boutique is open in the Lufkin Mall.  Ladies, take your daughters and soak up the fashions.  Plus, with KICKS 105's Seize The Deal, you can get a $30 gift card and only pay $15 for it.

But, the offer ends tomorrow at midnight and it's only available through our Seize the Deal promotion.