In a college town, it's inevitable that you'll find a few coffee shops for students (and adults) who are early risers, or late-night owls. Surely, most would agree that you can't ace a big exam or survive a day at the office without a large dose of caffeine, right?

Whether you're looking for an extra boost of energy or just want to go somewhere and enjoy a good cup of java, we've come up with our top five places to grab a cup of coffee in Nacogdoches. What do you think of our choices?

1. Java Jacks Coffee House

A Stephen F. Austin State University student favorite, Java Jacks provides Nacogdoches with the best coffees, service and experience, by the cup or by the pound. One neat thing about this coffee shop is that they offer a selection of Fair Trade and Organic coffees, along with house specialty favorites like the Nutty Irishman, Snickers, Milky Way and Vanilla Nut. Their menu also offers a variety of pastries, breakfast items, ice cream, sandwiches and salads. They're conveniently located on North St. right by the campus, and they're open until 10:00p.m. every day of the week, starting at 6:30 a.m. Monday thru Saturday, and 7:00 a.m. on Sundays.

2. Tabu Coffee

This new coffee house opened in Nacogdoches in August 2010, and is conveniently located right across from SFA campus. Tabu Coffee is open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, and offers an artistic environment as different pieces of student art are displayed throughout the shop and available for purchase. The delicious coffee can also be enjoyed with some live music on certain nights, which makes it a perfect go-to establishment to hang out with friends or to enjoy a relaxing night of studying outside of your house. The free Wifi is also a plus for students who go there and want to study!

3. Starbucks

Also located on North St., Starbucks Coffee Company is a well-known coffee establishment that opened its doors in Seattle in 1971 and has become the largest coffehouse company in the world. A city that doesn't have a Starbucks in it doesn't actually count as a city, right?

You can find all the cup sizes and coffee flavors you want in this coffee shop, and the baristas can make it exactly the way you like it (no matter how long and complicated the order sounds!). The store also offers a variety or other beverages and food, which are easily available to find on their website, including a list of very detailed nutritional facts for each item.

4. McDonald's

Although you wouldn't associate the McDonald's fast food chain with coffee, you'd be surprised at how good the McDonald's premium coffee actually is - as well as the price.

McCafe offers a variety of specialty hot and iced coffees, with popular mocha, vanilla and caramel flavors, which can be over a dollar cheaper than Starbucks coffee prices. There are three McDonald's locations, which are easily accessible no matter where you are in Nacogdoches, and the drive-thru option can also be a great time-saver if you're running a little late to class or to work.

5. Donut Palace

If you're grabbing your favorite donuts or kolaches, why not save time and get your coffee at the Donut Palace too? They offer great ground coffee at a very affordable price to go along with their delicious pastries, and with three locations in Nacogdoches, it's an easy place to go to on your way to school or work if you don't live near SFA's campus. They're open from 4:30 a.m. to around 12:00 p.m., so this place would be a great place to go to if you're an early riser.

What's your favorite go-to coffee place? What do you like about their coffee?