Whether you're trying to make in roads for a first date or you've been married for 50+ years, complimenting a woman should be standard practice.  Very few things make a woman feel better and smile bigger than a genuine and honest compliment.   

With that being said, I just realized my first sentence is incomplete, not in grammar, but in thought.  Complimenting a woman should not just be reserved for those in whom you have an emotional interest or attraction.  A random act of complimenting brightens the day of both the receiver and giver.

But, guys have been known to trip over their own tongue when trying to say the right words.  "That's the most delicious hair I've ever tasted!"  Yup, I spoke those words back in my bachelor days.  I was trying to figure out a way to compliment a girl's cooking, but I also wanted to let her know that her hair looked beautiful.  The end result was...well, not good.

As I stated earlier, the keys to great compliments are to be genuine and honest.  It's more than okay to use someone else's words as long as they are heartfelt when coming from you.  So, with that being said, here's a website that has some well-versed compliments.

Better yet, ladies, what are some of the best compliments you have ever received?