Whenever the haters from Westboro Church picket somewhere, I make it a point to pay no attention to it.  After all, the publicity is the main thing they're looking for.  However, I have made an exception to their plans on October 3rd because of the possible backlash.  The Westboro Church members will be picketing outside Blake Shelton's concert scheduled for October 3rd in Kansas City.  The church is calling out Shelton for being an adulterer since he divorced his first wife and has now married Miranda Lambert.

Some of the excerpts from the Westboro press release include:

"...Blake made Miranda a fornicator and himself an adulterer; two whores preparing for eternity in hell"

"...Twang out some humility, truth and warning to your fellow man Blake, or shut your phony mouth. And send Miranda packing, or you hate her!"

We're curious to see whether or not Blake actually responds to Westboro.  He is usually very vocal using Twitter as his platform.  However, Miranda is a girl of action.  I don't think she will be at the concert in Kansas City, but if she did make a trip up there...Wow!  Katy bar the door.