A few months ago we set up the KICKS 105 Sound Off Hotline.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can call the hotline to request songs, ask questions, enter contests, leave texts and comments...whatever.  You know, you can get some rather odd revelations when you have a phone line with no rules. 

Recently, someone named Mozilla Firefly left a message on our KICKS 105 Hotline and we were astounded to learn that much of what Blake Shelton sings was written or, at the very least, inspired by Miss Firefly.  The phone call audio is entertaining enough, but our resident graphic phone call sketch artist put some personalized creative touches to it.


Our KICKS 105 Sound Off Hotline is 936-344-1115.  Please feel free to call anytime.  Song requests, questions, comments, and libation-induced ramblings are always welcome.