Blake Shelton's newest single, 'Honey Bee', still holds the number one spot on the country singles chart this week.

'Honey Bee' is the first single released off Shelton's upcoming album 'Red River Blue'; which is set to be released July 12th. It is the ninth chart topping hit of Shelton's career, and rose to the number one spot after only ten weeks of being on the country singles chart. This makes the song the fastest rising single of Shelton's career, and is his forth consecutive number one single.

The hit was written mainly by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, who are a part of Nashville's writing team the Peach Pickers.  Hayslip and Akins, along with Dallas Davidson, wrote Shelton's number one hit 'All About Tonight'. Akins said that he was flipping through a magazine, when he came across a news article that caught his attention. "I was flipping through a Billboard magazine, and there was an article in there about Huckabee (former Arkansas governor) doing an album or something. I thought it said ‘Huckleberry.' So I said, let’s write a song about Huckleberry… That turned into ‘honeysuckle,’ but we didn’t know what it meant. Then it turned into ‘honeysuckle/honey bee.'"

Do you like the 'Honey Bee' tune? What's your favorite Blake Shelton song?