I don't have a tail that I can wag, but if I did, it would be going in turbo mode whenever the reps from Blue Bell ice cream walk through our studio doors, because I know this means they're introducing a new flavor or two to the grocery shelves and we get to do some sampling. 

This morning we were familiarized with Blue Bell's Gingerbread House ice cream...and by familiarized, I mean we took the scoop and dug right into the half gallon tubs.  I'll be very honest, I was expecting to like it --- after all it is Blue Bell --- but since I'm not a huge fan of gingerbread, I didn't think it would be one I would choose off the shelf.

Wrong again!  It was delicious and now one of my favorites.

According to the Blue Bell website, it is a creamy cinnamon ice cream with flavorful gingerbread pieces, festive red and green sprinkles and miniature marshmallows all surrounded by a vanilla icing swirl.

Swirl me some more...I loved it.

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