Brad Paisley's newest CD 'Wheelhouse' was released Tuesday, and I cannot remember in recent history when a country CD has stirred up so much talk, debate, and controversy.  The CD itself is certainly a new chapter for Paisley...and I like it. 

The CD is a journey through 17 tracks of music, layering, sound effects, themes and thoughts...and, of course, one of the best musicians and songwriters the world has to offer.  It's different, but fun.  It's country, yet progressive, and, at times, it introduces many different genres of musical styles.

The one track that has been generating the talk is 'Accidental Tourist'.  In this song, Paisley teams with LL Cool J to give alternating viewpoints of living in America as a white man and black man.  The goal of the song is to open up discussion on out misconceptions of each other, so that black, white, and all races can better understand each other.

Personally, I like the song a lot.  A few of the lines from Paisley and LL Cool J actually really made me stop and refocus on some of my thoughts on the issue of racism.

Take a listen to the song and then let us know what you think.