Toddler Amazingly Survives After Swallowing 37 BuckyBalls
While BuckyBalls may look like a kid’s toy, they are definitely not for young children.
The Bushnall family in Portland, Oregon learned this lesson the hard way when their three-year-old daughter, Payton, swallowed 37 of the BB-sized magnets. At first, doctors thought the toddler had swallowed a regu…
Awkward! Find the Typo in This Sign Promoting Literacy
Lakewood High literacy coach Patricia Schley decided to plan a fun event to help out the 1,400 students who are reading below grade level. The literacy night, planned for Leap Day, was becoming a big deal, but unfortunately, there was one tiny detail that sort of overshadowed the entire evening.
Woman Tries to Hide From News Camera, Fails Spectacularly
If you happen to be a newscaster who isn’t so sure of the material you’re supposed to read, one way of limiting mistakes is concentrating very hard on the Teleprompter. Kara Manelli of WUFT in Gainesville, Florida displays this technique to a T as she finishes a story about a student housing lottery…

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