NASA Corn Maze Patterns Are Out of This World [PHOTOS]
When you hear about crop circles, the first thing that immediately pops to mind is strange, unexplainable alien patterns encoded in farmland. So what better way to celebrate NASA’s rich history of space exploration than with some amazing corn maze crop circles?
Hard Day? Relax With a Kitten Massage [VIDEO]
“A little to the left. No, a little more. That’s it, right there. Ahhhhh. All the purring and playing has really taken a toll on me.” That’s pretty much what we imagined the thought bubble to be in this video of an adorable kitten appearing…
Cowboys Kick Six FGs to Beat Redskins, 18-16
Rookie kicker Dan Bailey kicked a 40-yard field goal, his sixth of the game, with 1:47 left to lift the Dallas Cowboys to an 18-16 victory over the Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium on Monday Night.
Dallas quarterback Tony Romo completed a 30-yard pass to Dez Bryant on a third-and-21 at the Cowb…
‘The Simpsons’ Might Get Its Own Channel
‘The Simpsons’ is the longest running prime time scripted series in American television history and now News Corp., which owns the franchise, may be looking to capitalize on 22 seasons of the Emmy-winning cartoon with a channel dedicated exclusively to life in Springf…
Aww! Tiny Puppy Struggles to Climb Tiny Step [VIDEO]
If you’re at all vertically-challenged, you know some of the perils of everyday life. Seeing over the tops of things sometimes requires hopping up and down like a Ritalin-deprived kid, and even getting dishes out of your kitchen cabinets can require a step-stool.
Now imagine life as t…

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