Gary Allan Explains How to Play In the Rain
What happens when a major rainstorm interrupts a concert? This past weekend, Gary Allan and his crew found out firsthand, and then took to Facebook to explain the process of saving his gear and instruments from the weather.
JB & The Moonshine Band: “Back In Nac” [VIDEO]
JB & The Moonshine Band will make their triumphant return to Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches after nearly a year away this weekend! Jerrett Zoch & The OSR Band will be there to kick it off on Saturday, June 21 too! Steve called up JB and they got excited for the show -- check it out…
George Strait Takes A Final Bow [Video]
George Strait, the King of Country, took a final bow this past Saturday night (June 7th) in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. He did it just like we knew he would: BIG, and graciously. If George said the words "thank you" once, he said them a thousand times that night. We have the…

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