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Engine Explodes During Oil Change [VIDEO]
Every weekday I speak to Rick Young from Loving Lincoln Mercury Service Department in Lufkin.  As an expert, Rick reminds car owners to be sure you know and trust the technicians working on your vehicle.  Here is why!
Well Endowed Woman In Fast Car – Pretty Sweet! [VIDEO]
A wise man once told me that the best things in life are "fast dogs and high powered rifles". I must admit, fast women and high powered cars are pretty cool too! Check out Jenni taking a ride in an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera. This was her first time to…
Watch This Cute Dog Go Insane Over Flushed Toilet [AUDIO]
A few months ago, the dog's play toy (chew bone) was beyond nasty, so the dog's owner threw it down the toilet.
That's not a big deal, but, the mistake he made was to let the dog SEE him throw it down the toilet and flush...so now, every time the toilet is flushed - the dog goes wild..…
Watch the Worst Church Singer of All Time [VIDEO]
Singing in front of an audience at church is a lot less intimidating than subjecting yourself to, say, the judges on ‘American Idol‘. But it still takes guts to stand alone on a stage and belt out a tune, so that’s why we have to commend this enthusiastic&n…

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