Gone Viral

Baby Meets Lemon (Video)
"Would you like lemon with your tea? No, I'll just take the lemon."  This young man meets his first lemon and it appears to be a Love/Hate relationship.
Revenge Can Be A Real Booger! (Video)
This video is going viral as we speak!  Self titled the best prank of 2012. Check out how our prank war started - http://youtu.be/6Uzg7LKxi_Q .... Wow, that escalated quickly. All I gotta say is don't start something you can't finish.
MMA Knockout Before The Fight Even Starts [VIDEO]
It's important to have a good sense of humor, just be sure you know when to be funny.  I'm thinking right before a MMA match isn't that time.  In an attempt to be cute one fighter gives the other a quick smooch with terrible consequences.
The Lazy Jedi (Video)
"I wish I was a Jedi Master" is a phrase that any youngster (or lonely grownup living in his parent's basement) has uttered!  If you had the power, what would you do with it? Master Dave just doesn't feel motivated today.  With great power eventually comes great…
Watch This Kid Make Some Fast Cash (Video)
Jack and Dan make a friendly bet.  Big brother Dan is counting his hard earned money and decides to make a bet with little brother Dan.  "Ill throw $125 into the air and you get to keep what you can catch!"  Sounded pretty safe... watch...

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