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Crying Babies, What’s A Husky To Do? [VIDEO]
Watch as this dog howls along with this fussy baby.  I don't know if is trying to comfort the baby or just singing along.  I remember blowing in my daughters face when she was really upset.  What kind of crazy things did you do to stop your baby's crying?
I’ve Got Your Big Screen Right Here (Video)
Millbank Tower is an iconic British skyscraper visible for miles.  November 28th, it was plunged into darkness as Nokia and Windows Phone teamed up with Deadmau5 to present a light show of epic proportions.  Check it out as the tower itself became a canvas for state of the art lasers and p…
See The Amazing Voyage Of The First Beer In Space [VIDEO]
A couple of guys named Danny & Rich approached Natural Lite Beer with the idea of making 'Natty Lite' the first beer to ever go into space.
So, we jump forward to a secured styrofoam cooler, video camera,  huge helium balloon, and the first successful launch of beer into outer …

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