CVS Kicks Smoking Habit
If you're on the CVS Pharmacy email list, you probably got an email yesterday' that said all of its stores were undergoing a big change.
Take a Look at How the Sun Sees Your Body
It looks like the woman in this picture has covered herself in some sort of black paint or black body make up.  But, that is incorrect.
In fact, this woman represents exactly HOW YOU SHOULD LOOK every time you expose your body to the sun.
What are the ‘Germiest’ Places/Items in your Kitchen?
The microorganisms that cause E.coli, yeast, molds, Listeria, and Salmonella could very well be present in items in your kitchen.  Thankfully, usually the concentration of these germs is small and doesn't pose too much of an issue.  However, wouldn't you like to know where the hi…

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