Celebrate Summer Responsibly
Many folks see Memorial day as the unofficial start to the Summer. With a lot of us celebrating our kids' and grand-kids' graduations, or just getting together to barbecue with friends, it isn't unreasonable to assume you'll have a few drinks along with the festivities...
Prayers Needed – East Texas Woman Fights Cancer
For the many people that already have Carla Maxwell in their hearts, you most likely have been following her courageous journey and battle with cancer. Today we ask that you share just one more plea for prayers as news comes that Carla has now been moved to hospice care.
Top Ten List of Funniest Prayers by Kids
Today, May 7th, is designated as the National Day of Prayer.  Certainly, everyday should be a day of prayer as it is for so many across the world.  But, still, it's encouraging and refreshing to see many individuals, communities, and organizations putting together prayer events for th…

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