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Cal Smith Dead at 81
Country singer Cal Smith died Thursday at the age of 81.  Born Calvin Shofner in Oklahoma, he is best known for his string of hits in the early and mid 1970's, such as 'It's Time to Pay the Fiddler', 'The Lord Knows I'm Drinking', and his signature song, &apos…
Who Stole Willie’s Armadillo?
C'mon New York....really??!!
Police in Port Chester, N.Y. are analyzing surveillance video to try and find out who would stoop so low as to steal 'Ol Dillo from Willie Nelson's stage.
Blake and Miranda Called Out by Westboro Church
Whenever the haters from Westboro Church picket somewhere, I make it a point to pay no attention to it.  After all, the publicity is the main thing they're looking for.  However, I have made an exception to their plans on October 3rd because of the possible backlash.
Everything That Makes Tyler Farr Redneck Crazy
Tyler Farr has seen his star rise to the top with the huge success of his single, 'Redneck Crazy'.  Farr's new album was supposed to be released in mid-October, but because of huge demand that release date has been pushed up to September 30th.
Scotty McCreery Has ‘Epic Fall’ During Iowa Concert
Some country singers would be embarrassed if they took a spill in front of an audience of fans. But, not Scotty McCreery. He took an epic fall during Saturday's (Sept. 14) show at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa and instead of trying to erase it from his memory, he broadcasted i…

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