Houston TV Host Gets Slapped By A Monkey
News anchors have a tough job.  You never know what might happen next.
Houston TV anchor Deborah Duncan tried to hide a treat from a monkey last weekend and got knocked upside the head.  A monkey knows what a monkey wants.
Angelina County Humane Society Offers Low Cost Rabies Shots
If you don't have your dog or cat vaccinated for rabies, now is a great time to do it. Positive rabies cases are popping up in several counties across Texas in animals including skunks and raccoons, and to avoid the risk pets should have the shots.
Earlier this year an airdrop program put tiny packet…
Lufkin Man Arrested After Dragging Pitbull Behind Truck
A man was arrested late Saturday (Feb. 15) night, after police stopped him on Timberland Drive in Lufkin. He was driving without headlights and unable to keep his vehicle in a lane. Upon further investigation during the stop, police found an empty dog collar tied to the trailer hitch on the back of …
Pitbull Dragged Down Timberland On the Road to Recovery
The tale of Justice, the abused pitbull who was dragged behind a truck down Timberland Drive in Lufkin, has begun a happy new chapter. After extensive treatment at Angelina Animal Hospital, Justice was released today into the care of a local foster family.

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