KICKS 105 Pets of the Week(s)
Since we were unable to put up a story concerning last week's featured pets, this week we will be featuring our pets from last week and from this week.  So, we're featuring a total of four wonderful pets looking for forever families and homes.
Chihuahua Does Yoga Tricks
Sit...roll over...fetch...
My dog can do none of these, so I can't even imagine what it took to get this chihuahua to perform various yoga moves and positions.
12 Animals Hugging It Out
There are certain times when we just need a hug. You know-- when we thought Twinkies were going extinct or after the 'Game of Thrones' 'Red Wedding' episode, AKA hard-hitting stuff.
Meet Bob – KICKS 105 Pet of the Week
Bob is 9 months old, a border collie mix, and has fur that is Downy soft.  But most importantly, Bob doesn't meet a stranger.  He is our Pet of the Week from the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County.
Vet Sits in Parked Car to Show How Heat Kills (Video)
Living in East Texas we understand how hot a parked car can get in warm weather, and yet people continue to make the mistake of leaving pets in cars.  Dr Ernie Ward is a practicing vet who conducts a dangerous experiment to remind us of the frightening potential of a parked car in the summer.

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