KICKS 105 Pets of the Week(s)
Last week, our friends from the Humane Society of Angelina County introduced us to Wyatt and Fancy.  However, we never had the chance to feature them on our website.  So today we are including them with our current pets of the week.  Anyone one of these cats or dogs would make a wonde…
KICKS 105 Pets of the Week
We were so busy with Bull Bash last week that we never had the opportunity to post the pictures of our pets of the week, but better late than never.
Baby Bat Orphans – Cute or Not?
Hats off to Trish Wimberly of Australia.  She runs an orphanage for bats.  She gets no funding and just relies on the volunteerism of locals.  Many people have an extreme dislike to bats, but how 'bout a baby bat sucking on a baby bottle.  Does that make them cute and cuddly…
Fortune-Telling Camel Predicts Ravens Will Win Super Bowl
After Teddy the talking porcupine correctly predicted the winner of the 2012 Super Bowl, we decided never to scoff at a fortune-telling animal again. So, when we heard that a clairvoyant camel had peered into the future and determined the winner of this year's game, we were all ears.

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