Kenny Chesney Shows Off New Goldendoodle Puppy
Miranda Lambert‘s adorable pups (however many she has) have nothing on Pancho, the adorable goldendoodle puppy Kenny Chesney was spotted with this week. Chesney, who is a first-time dog owner and a proud beach bum, already took the sweet pup for a ride on the water.
Miranda Lambert Rescues New Puppy ‘Emmy Lou’ From Ditch
Miranda Lambert‘s dog rescuing habit is getting out of control. It’s obvious that the ‘Over You’ hitmaker has a soft heart for all things furry, but we’re wondering how many dogs she can take care of — or at least, where Blake Shelton will draw the line. For her latest rescue effort, the sweet songs…
An Exciting Game Of Kitty Tetherball (Video)
Over the years I have some pretty interesting pet stories.  My schnauzer would loose her mind anytime the vacuum was turned on.  My wife's golden retriever tries to drink water while running wide open in the lake.  Watch as these two cats entertain themselves playing th…

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