Angel & Snoopy – Our Pets of the Week
Say hello to our KICKS 105/Winnie Berry Pet Adoption Center Pets of the Week.  Angel is a young female adult German Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Her colors are striking and beautiful.  Snoopy is young Beagle/Rat Terrier mix.
Stowaway Cat Takes the Ride of Her Life
Every pilot has a pre-flight check list they must go through.  I don't think looking for stray felines is on that list.
You can only hear the sound of the plane's engine in this video, but you can definitely see the cat meowing frantically, "GET ME DOWN, NOW...
Raptors Make Bad House Pets [VIDEO]
When the movie "Babe" was released in 1995, there was a surge of people buying micro pigs. When "Finding Nemo" came out, people started buying fish as pets. We aren't so sure this trend should continue because as the video below shows us .....

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