Valentine’s Day

Danny Merrell’s Top Five Romantic Movies
I don't sit down very often with my wife to watch 'lovey-dovey' movies.  In fact, I believe over the past few years, the only movies we've watched together had talking cars, dragons, and toys.
Now, before you think that I'm a stick in the mud when it comes to r…
Make A Valentine’s Dedication On KICKS 105
It's Valentines Day!!  Wanna make a dedication to that special someone today?
Every hour from 6am thru 9pm at around half past the hour, we'll be featuring that hour's Valentine's dedication song.  Take a look at the songs and the instructions on how to get your dedicati…
Luna the Fashion Kitty Has More Clothes Than My Wife
From the look on her face, it's hard to tell if Luna the cat really likes wearing clothes or not, but she certainly has a lot of them. And we know we enjoy flipping through the hundreds of photos of Luna dressed up in plaid, polka dots, tulle, lace and one notable Snow White costume on Faceboo…
Country Stars In Love
Just in time for Valentine's Day. Here's a peak at some of our favorite country stars in love.
This time of year, you can't help but say "Aaaawwwww".
Who's your favorite country celebrity couple in this album?
Valentine’s Day Boycott? [VIDEO]
This guy can't be serious about this, can he? I think he must have gotten his heart broken by women a few too many times.
Marc Rudov, the self-proclaimed "No Nonsense Man" is causing controversy with his contention that real men should boycott Valentine's Day, which he calls "Nomance …

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