Tornadoes Likely Across Texas/Lousiana Tonight
This morning, we saw some scattered storms and downpours across Deep East Texas.  They may have just been the appetizer.  The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has issued a Tornado Watch until 10 p.m. for portions of the Pineywoods.  Those areas included are outlined in…
More Heavy Rain Expected Across East Texas
Yup, you're reading the map correctly.  Between 4-7 inches of rain could fall in the Pineywoods over the next week.  I don't know about you, but I've already gotten my riding mower stuck at least a half dozen times.
East Texas Braces for More Heavy Rainfall
Just a quick look at the Angelina River, Neches River, or Lake Sam Rayburn will immediately tell you that we've had a very wet Winter.  It looks like Spring, at least the first few days of it, will be wet, as well.
East Texas Monday Soaker
Many area schools will be starting Spring Break this week, and it looks like it will be getting off to a very wet start.  In fact, flooding in the area could take place on Monday.
False Alarm, Round Two?
Over the past 24 hours, we've had the freezing temps and the precipitation, but they never really formed the icy situation that was forecast for Deep East Texas.
That's good, but, we may not be out of the woods, yet.
Pineywoods Has Best Chance of Wintry Weather Monday Evening
For the most part today, Deep East Texas has dodged the large amounts of sleet and freezing rain that areas just to our North have been seeing.
That may be changing this evening.
The Weather Prediction Center at the National Weather Service puts the best chance of freezing drizzle or rain in an …

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