Colorado Man ‘Executes’ Unreliable Computer
We all have pet peeves, but some things just have a way of irritating us more than others.  The sound of a hairball-spewing cat at 3 in the morning,  drivers who won't use their blinker, a Mount Everest of groceries in a buggy in the express checkout lane, and, of course, the sporadic…
Couch Surfing Through a Muddy Field
- Watch More Funny Videos This Is Couch Surfing On A Whole New Level
(Caution - explicit language)
There are two types of people in this world.  Those that will watch this video and think this is dumbest thing they have ever seen...and those that will watch this video and start wondering whe…
Barber Uses a Lighter to Give a Haircut
Through the years I've noticed that every time I get a haircut there seems to be less and less hair for my stylist to cut, not to mention most of that hair is more salt than pepper. But, even if I had a lot of hair to cut I don't think I'd opt for this barber and his 'lighter&apo…

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