Texas Town Installs Innovative Public Toilet
Have you ever seen a glass-walled public toilet?  If you head to Sulpher Springs, Texas you can see it right there in the public square.
The toilet seems exposed, but it's actually a one-way mirror that allows the person inside to look out, but those on the outside can't see in...
Pop Culture Has Messed Up the Dictionary
So how do you use the word "literally?"
In the literal sense? That would be the correct way. But it's become so common to use the word incorrectly, it's hard to think of an example of what the correct way would be!
How about this. "I literally ran into your sister this morning," me…
MITM Video of the Day – Ostrich Copter
The eagle has landed, and now the ostrich is up! After a 12-month gestation, the Cat Copter guy is back! This time, he's gone from flightless feline to overhead ostrich.

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