These Are The Worst Neighbors You Could Ever Have
If you've ever been to the Ellen Trout Zoo, or driven on Hwy 7, you most likely have seen a peacock or two. We only thought it was crazy that these large birds get to roam free on certain streets or at our zoo, but apparently things could be a lot worse...
A Company Will Ship New England’s Leaves To Your Back Yard
The fall foliage in New England makes all the magazines and postcards, and seems to be the gold standard for how the orange and brown leaves should really look this time of year.  Want some?
There's a company that will ship them to you.
What should we send back from Texas?
Friendly Raccoon Has A System To Get Attention
What is that tapping sound you hear? It's apparently Rocksy the Raccoon!
The lady that uploaded this video is a much nicer and more patient person than I am. In the YouTube description of the video, they go on to explain that Rocksy here will knock at the glass doo…

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