Grooming, showing, judging, and nerves went late into the evening yesterday for day 3 of the Angelina County Fair at the Expo Center.  The full list of those who fared quite well is below, but we were fortunate enough to have some of those youngsters on the Merrell in the Morning Show today. 

Jayden Gould, Holt Nichols, Cade Milligan, Justin Boulware, Kyla Hardy, Riley Brooks, McKenna Cole

Take a listen to the interview here and among other things you'll discover why one of the participants named his lamb 'Dime'.



  • Ag Machinery and Equipment Division – Hudson FFA – Andrew Richey, Dustin Ramsey
  • Home and Recreational Use Division Winner – Hudson FFA – Mason Mullins, Devon Smith, Jacob Ward
  • Livestock Equipment Division Winner – Central FFA – Garrett Cecil, Dustin Johnson, Dakota Russell
  • Tractor Division Winner – Hudson FFA – Bailey Lunsford
  • Trailer Division Winner – Zavalla FFA – Lawrence Scarbrough, Zane Hooks, Jacob Bailey, Wade Kane



  • Grand Champion Market Lamb: Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA

  • Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Riley Holt Nichols, 4-H Horse Club

  • Champion Light Weight Lamb: Riley Holt Nichols, 4-H Horse Club
  • Reserve Champion Light Weight Lamb: Ethan Thornton, Hudson FFA
  • Champion Medium Weight Lamb: Karli Wise, Diboll FFA
  • Reserve Champion Medium Weight Lamb: Cheyenne Swor, Diboll FFA
  • Champion Heavy Weight Lamb: Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Lamb: Kyler Duren, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Jr. Market Lamb Showmanship Award – Mattie Nicholson, 4-H Horse Club
  • Sr. Market Lamb Showmanship Award – Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA



  • Grand Champion Market Goat: McKenna Cole, Livestock 4-H

  • Reserve Champion Market Goat: Kyla Hardy, Livestock 4-H

  • Champion Light Weight Goat: Garin Ashby, 4-H Horse Club
  • Reserve Champion Light Weight Goat: Danielle Vines, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Champion Medium-Light Weight Goat: Cody Smith, Livestock 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Medium-Light Weight Goat: Jennings Sanders, 4-H Horse Club
  • Champion Medium Weight Goat: Kyla Hardy, Livestock 4-H

  • Reserve Medium Weight Goat: Corinne Caraway, 4-H Horse Club

  • Champion Medium-Heavy Weight Goat: McKenna Cole, Livestock 4-H

  • Reserve Medium-Heavy Weight Goat: Dallas Williford, Central FFA

  • Champion Heavy Weight Goat: Dalton Morton, Huntington 4-H

  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Goat: Chase Nerren, Huntington 4-H
  • Jr. Meat Goat Showmanship Award – Benjamin Penn, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Sr. Meat Goat Showmanship Award – Roma Fenley, Hudson FFA


  • Grand Champion Gelding: Justin Boulware, Zavalla 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Gelding: Thomas Boulware, Zavalla 4-H
  • Grand Champion Filly: Riley Brooks, Central 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Filly: Jayden Gould, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Sr. Showmanship: Chelsey Brown, Zavalla 4-H
  • Jr. Showmanship: Aaliyah Gonzalez, Zavalla 4-H