This morning on Tabloid News we shared with you a story about a man in China who was involved in an accident which mangled his arm and severed the hand from that arm.  Luckily, the hand was brought to doctors in time for the possibility of re-attaching it to the arm.  

However, the arm was in such bad shape that doctors would first need to repair and heal the arm before re-attachment could be attempted...and that could take months.  The surgeons knew that the hand needed a blood supply to last that long, and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, a bold idea was formed.

Doctors decided to attach the man's hand to the back of his ankle.  This move allowed a steady blood supply to keep the hand alive, and gave the doctors the time they needed to heal the mangled arm.  Weeks later, the hand was re-attached to the arm and all seems to have gone well.

See the video and pictures of the grafted hand below.