We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of a new school year.  For incoming college freshman, as well as undecided sophomores, or perhaps even juniors, it's time to make a major decision...I mean, really, what's your major going to be? 

Some students have known since grade school what they wanted to major in once they got to college....others not so much.  It's great to follow a study course that interests you and is right in line with what you want to do upon entering the work force.  But, how valuable is your major if you can't find work, or if the money in that field is just above the poverty level.  Would that cause you to rethink your major?

Let's start with the 10 worst majors to get right now according to a report from Forbes.  These majors were graded on the currently unemployment rate and median pay rate for graduates with jobs in these majors. (And we're talking your four year majors, not the advanced stuff such as legal and medical field)  You can go to the article at the Forbes website to get a more detailed breakdown.  Here's the top ten list, starting with the worst.

  1. Anthropology and Archaeology
  2. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts
  3. Fine Arts
  4. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  5. Liberal Arts
  6. Music
  7. Physical Fitness and Parks Recreation
  8. Commercial Art and Graphic Design
  9. History
  10. English Language and Literature


So, what about the best majors...those where the job outlook is great.  As you might expect, engineering leads the way.  Once again, you can go to the Forbes website (separate article) to get more details.

  1. Biomedical Engineer
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Computer Science
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Geology
  8. Management Information Systems
  9. Petroleum Engineering
  10. Applied Mathematics


In fact, the Wall Street Journal has put together a huge listing of most every major available and what their current prospects look like.