Some might take a look at this spread of delicious desserts and think 'that's a lot of calories'.  I prefer to look at the fact that the recipe lists for these delicacies include bananas, peanut butter, eggs, apples, blueberries, and molasses which are considered healthy and good for you.   

With that being said, I'd like to thank the area students who came by the Merrell in the Morning Show today to share some of their award-winning, nutritious cookies and pies. You can take a listen to our interview and hear more about their desserts here.

Kendall Jackson, Haley Brazil, Mattie Nicholson, Taylor Brazil, Ian Hancock, Rozalinn Runnels

The Angelina County Fair is in full swing now with competitions coming up in steer, hog, lamb and much more.  Plus, the carnival gets underway today.  Click here to get a full listing of upcoming events.


  • Pies:  First Place:  Pre-Junior – Chloe Murray, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Pies:  First Place:  Junior – Kendall Jackson, 4-H Horse Club
  • Pies:  First Place:  Senior – Alli Bartlett, Lufkin FCCLA
  • Cookies:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Rozalinn Runnels, Zavalla 4-H
  • Cookies:  First Place:  Junior – Haley Brazil, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Cookies:  First Place:  Senior – Erin Laroe, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Ian Hancock, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place:  Junior – Taylor Brazil, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place:  Senior – Yoseli Davila, Lufkin FCCLA
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Mattie Nicholson, 4-H Horse Club
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Junior – Allie Self, Lufkin FFA
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Senior – Lauren Flowers, Lufkin FCCLA
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Lauren Thornton, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Junior – Jadyn Holt, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Senior – Camille Cox, Lufkin FCCLA