For the past several months, Zavalla's own Dustin Ellermann has been competing in the History Channel's 'Top Shot' reality show.    Each week, Ellermann has been advancing to the next round.

Well, now we're down to the final four in the competition and the winner will be crowned Tuesday night.   

You and your family are invited to a huge East Texas viewing party which will held tomorrow evening beginning at 7:30 at Lufkin's First Assembly located on the West Loop.    Ellermann will be taking pictures and signing autographs up until the show airs at 9.

Soooo...he's one of the top marksmen in the U.S...huh?

Well, I decided to challenge him to a shoot off in the KICKS 105 lobby...let's see who's the better shot.



As an added bonus, here's Dustin Ellermann's audition tape for the Top Shot competition.