Blessed and Merry Christmas greetings to you!!

My wish for you this wonderful season is that you place one more special gift under the Christmas tree.  Just get a small box, wrap it however you want, and then place it under the tree.

When it comes time to open the presents, leave this gift until last...and then, don't open it.

You see, that present which remains unopened is the gift of time...given to yourself, your family, and your Lord.

Throughout the year, keep that present in a visible location in your home to remind you of that gift of time.

Time for what?

  • To make the extra time for your family, whether the night out with your spouse or the extra time that your kids beg of you.
  • The time to say nightly prayers with your family
  • The time to spend in quiet reflection with yourself, to contemplate all of your wonderful blessings and to say thank you for those blessings.
  • The time to look at the last 10 minutes of a sunset, the time to breath in the smell of the first drops of rain on a warm Summer day, the time to look at the night sky and to behold the awesomeness of our God.
  • The time to recharge yourself and your Faith so that you can defend yourself from those that would challenge  you or put you down because of your beliefs

These are just suggestions, of course, the list of things you make time for is to be decided by you.   But it is important to have the daily reminder, and the unopened present is perfect for that.  It also acts as a great daily reminder to keep the Christmas spirit going 365 days (or 366 days in 2012) a year.

The old saying goes that the 'only constant in this world is change'.

Not for what truly matters though -- since the time of Christ's birth, what is wrong is still wrong and what is right is still right.

Sometimes, we just need to set aside the time to keep us on the right track.

I have included a few audio files of some of my favorite Christmas songs.  I pretty much like all the songs of the season, but these just seem to give me goose bumps whenever I hear them.

Merry Christmas.  May God grant you peace, love...and time.