Thank goodness Valentines only comes once a year.  Chocolates...because of the chocolates, I must gain about 5 pounds every Valentines. That's the only downside to the day of love.  I am a huge and corny romantic which is evidenced in my choice of some of my favorite Valentine's movies. 

In no particular order:


This movie fits my personality perfectly.  I'm big on love stories, but I'm also big on out of the ordinary and this movie has it all - giants, revenge, narcissistic king, power hungry Sicilian, miracle worker, speech-challenged clergy, and of course, true love.



To be honest, I pretty much love all animated movies where the boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after.  This one is just one of my favorites because of all the great supporting cast like Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs Potts.  Also, I identify with the body hair issue with the Beast.



Okay...okay, I know what you're thinking.  How could this be considered a Valentines movie?  Well, you must not be looking hard enough.  This movie is just chock full of love and passion.  Nacho loves his faith, but he also has a passion for wrestling, and he works diligently to satisfy his needs for both.  He loves the children of the orphanage and uses his passions to help them get better food.  And, of course, the love that he must keep distant for Sister Encarnacion.  Plus, he force baptizes his wrestling buddy, you gotta love someone to do that.



What can I say about this movie, it has every---, it has the --, ....Sorry, I can't get through this without crying.



I love Christmas...Buddy loves Christmas, and his dad, and his new found family, and Zooey, and syrup on everything.  Case proven.