I don't sit down very often with my wife to watch 'lovey-dovey' movies.  In fact, I believe over the past few years, the only movies we've watched together had talking cars, dragons, and toys.

Now, before you think that I'm a stick in the mud when it comes to romance, hear me out. 

Whenever I watch a good, sappy, romantic movie, I'm usually dropping tears before I'm halfway through the popcorn.  I don't mind crying in front of my wife, but I get tired of always being the first to cry, or for that matter, the ONLY one to cry -- she didn't cry at all when we watched The Notebook!!

That's why whenever I'm scanning channels, if 'Steel Magnolias' is on, we watch it.  I know she'll cry at that one.

Anyway, I digress...here are my top five romantic movie:


 It's still one of my favorites.  To me it's a double love story since it not only focuses on a man's search for a soul mate after losing his wife, but also the love of a father and son.  Plus, it's Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


You probably haven't seen this movie, or perhaps even heard of it.  The critics didn't care for it, but I loved the angle of the man falling in love for a woman who held something inside her that she thought would tear them apart.  I also loved the interaction with Carroll O'Connor and all his other cronies at the neighborhood bar.  A great movie for the entire family. 


I fell in love with this movie nearly 30 years ago.  Jane Seymour is one of the most beautiful women of all time...I even named one of my dogs after her 'Seymour'.  Plus, I've always been fascinated by movies about time travel.


Such a compelling love story!!  Not only the story of youthful love and overcoming those obstacles, but the story of loving someone til the end of life, no matter what challenges are in the way....I think I'm crying already.


I love to laugh and I love quirky humor.  And what other movie could wrap a great love story around a giant, vengeful Spaniard, and a farm boy turned dreadful pirate.

Happy Valentines Day!!  I would love to hear of some of your favorite romantic movies!!